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With the recent shift a lot of businesses have moved their practice online and the Marketing industry boomed! With this boom came about the rise for content creation and digital Audio-visual production. Our mission is to provide the largest inventory of the highest quality studio & Audio-Visual production gear on the planet!

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Discover BDMI Studio's Journey

January 2018
Gets launched as an online retail store by Dani Diaw in Canada.
May 2018
Attracts first investor and receives funding.
December 2018
Gets more funding as more investing Partners jump on the investment bandwagon
February 2019
Expands team and inventory as well as countries we ship to
February 2020
Rebrands & Relaunches as the Legendary BDMI Studio you now know and love.

Meet Our Leader

Dani Diaw

Founder & CEO

Awards & Recognition

Industry leaders and influencers recognizeBDMI Studio as one of the most trust worthy audio-visual gear retail companies in Canada, ranking the highest for both customer ratings, satisfaction & inventory size.

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